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Stella di Mari is the brand I created in 2009. Each bag is hand-crafted and hand-painted like a piece of art, not two bags are ever alike. I design and tailor each bag with the highest quality materials, that way they can be used as everyday carryall bags. I like to creates a bag that's resilient, durable and comfortable while keeping in mind the needs and budgets of my clientele. My bags are made of bull denim, canvas and cotton fabrics, confortable cotton webbing handles plus colorful fabric lining, making unusual and fun combinations which are Stella Di Mari's trademark.

My goal as a maker is to produce eco-conscious, ethically hand-crafted, and well-crafted handbags combining functionality, quality and art for the modern person who doesn't fall pray to fast fashion and instead prefers to have a closet stocked with well loved, meaningful and durable pieces of accessories. During my process I strive to use recycled and earth friendly materials whenever possible, I source my materials from other local small business in my area and most importantly I pattern, print, design and sew everything myself and what little fabric waste remains is put to use in other ways.

When I'm creating my bags, I always visualize strong and creative women wearing them! Each handbag is a unique expression of color, spontaneity, fun and originality! They are designed for comfort while being at the same time fashionable, so get used to hearing, "Where'd you get that bag? I LOVE IT!